Hans Koomans

Around 1995 I started an acoustical consultancy. As a trained sound engineer, amateur musician and experienced carpenter I was able to look at a studio from many different perspectives.

Having worked alone for the first decade, I now work closely together with a team of professionals. Together we can cover all aspects of the studio building process.

Kees Hoogervorst

If there is one man that can make (almost) anything from wood, it must be Kees.
A trained cabinetmaker with 30 years experience, and as he says: still learning everyday!


Mischa Jacobi

The wizard that builds LOUDspeakers that sound GOOD too!
His understanding of room acoustics is the icing on the cake.


Henny Bolderdijk

Henny is our life-saver. Electricity, masonry, fabric stretching, plumbing, carpets, you name it.
Always the first man to arrive, and boy, do we like his car...


Hayo Buunk

Skills: too many to name them all. Joines the team when needed.